Exciting New Service Development from NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Exciting New Service Development

The NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB) in partnership with the local authorities across South Yorkshire are looking to enter a procurement process to pilot community based preventative interventions for pregnant women and their families.

The pregnant women and families we most want to engage with through this new model are experiencing the greatest life pressures. We will introduce a new delivery model that offers holistic support to pregnant women and their families about what most matters to them.

We will be holding a market engagement event on Monday 17th July, 10.30am-12 pm via MS Teams (Click here to join the meeting), where you can find out more about the proposal and how you can get involved in delivering it. Further information can be accessed via the Atamis system.

You can register here: https://health-family.force.com/s/WelcomeIf you find you need advice or support in registering please contact the Atamis helpdesk using the following details:Phone: 0800 9956035E-mail: support-health@atamis.co.uk


July 17, 2023 10:30 am


July 17, 2023 12:00 pm

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