Irwin Mitchell is proud to be a member of SY CANN.

If your child lives with a disability or has suffered from a serious injury or illness, the emotional and physical impact can be life-changing. We understand how concerned you may be about the level of care and support your child has had or is currently receiving and can offer help and legal advice.

We believe that all families should have access to legal support and we are able to offer guidance on the following:

  • Disability and Educational Rights
  • Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Medical Law and Negligence
  • Protecting Your Child’s Future including wills and trusts
  • Court of Protection
  • Personal Injury Trusts

Anna has 20 years of experience specialising in medical negligence claims and helping families through the process. She has worked with families on a significant number of complex cases, including birth injury, brain injury, cerebral palsy cases and amputation cases.

Contacting a lawyer may feel daunting but if you want to find out more about your options, please do get in touch for a free initial chat. If you wish to take forward a legal case we will always explore funding options available to you and your family.



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