Family Action is a charity committed to building stronger families by delivering innovative and effective services and support that reaches out to many of the UK’s most vulnerable people. We seek to empower people and communities to address their issues and challenges through practical, financial and emotional help.

At Sheffield ADHD, we recognise that raising any child is difficult and at times stressful, but raising a child with ADHD can sometimes feel impossible. There is no magic wand or an easy solution, but it is possible to reduce the difficulties of managing ADHD and to find positives and strengths in the young people diagnosed. We can help.

The project is commissioned by Sheffield City Council and has been running in Sheffield for over 14 years. We support the families of children and young people who are affected by ADHD. We do this by raising knowledge and awareness of the disorder, providing strategies for managing the associated symptoms and promoting the individuality and potential of those affected.


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